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4 Lorong Telok #03-01,
boat quay, Songapore 049017

Our Philosophy

Create, Connect, Community

The Unspoken Roles Of Barbers In The Community

In a world filled with buzz and rhythm, where style meets community, there’s a place that transcends the ordinary. Welcome to Bodeiga, a barbershop that’s more than just a barbershop. It’s a hub of creativity, social responsibility, and vibrant energy. What Bodeiga does revolves around 3 key values which are Create Connect and Community. Creating opportunities to connect with the community. We practice our values by doing; Barbering pop ups for community engagement and social causes, Music events, barbering school and social impact programs.

The Team

Bodeiga team consists of 3 founders 3 full time barbers,
2 part time barbers and one administrative assistant.
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The History
The earliest record of barbers were recorded in 3500BC, ancient Egypt. They were priests and men of medicine with instruments they had made from oyster shells or sharpened flint.Throughout history, barbers plays an important role in a society. From grooming high level officials in the times of ancient Egypt, to being a  barber surgeon beyond 11th Century AD in ancient Greek


Bodeiga’s Philosophy
Even if the roles of a barber and barbershops are simplified in this day and age, they are likely to perform one key function, that of lending a patient ear to their customers. From listening to gossips, sharing life stories stories and giving advices, barbershops are a social club for men. Our social responsibility envelopment revolves around our 3 angles. Create, Connect and Community. Which is to create opportunities and connect to the community.

Social Impact

Create, Connect, Community

Creating opportunities to connect with the community.


Phase is an initiative of Bodeiga that aims to provide job and progression for ex inmates by a program, a clothing brand, and a movement.

February 2023

Phase Mvmt

Phase Movement is part of Phase initiative where ex inmates will be given the opportunity to organise a social and community enrichment event. For the first event, ex inmates were involved in the planning and execution of a free haircut and team building between Bodeiga crew members, ex inmates and migrant workers.

9 April 2023

Xscap8 @ Orchard Central
2:00 p.m. to 10:00 pm.

Food & Drink

Located in the heart of CBD, you may find variety of food options from a wide price and cuisine range. From coffee shops along Circular Road to a food court at the second floor of CapitaSpring.


Nearest parking can be found along the streets of Lor Telok and Circular Road. The next closest and cheapest alternatives are open carpark along, Upp Circular Road, Carpenter’s Street and North Canal Road.

Private Events

Bodeiga’ premise is open for bookings for private events and event venues. Do drop us an email for enquiries.

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4 Lorong Telok #03-01,
Boat Quay, Singapore 049017

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