Dhiya is always hyped-up and an enthusiastic individual who always sees life on the bright side. He has a smile plastered on his face and is affable to all his customers round the clock. When his friends went into University, Dhiya decided to embark on a different path from his social circle, which is to be a barber. His core motto that drives his attitude is “Always a student of the craft”, which he instills by striving to give his best. Let him prove to you his potential and delve into his charms. You will not regret it.

Started : 2019
Past Shop : Barbershop by Waldgang, Sri Dewa Barbershop
Interest : Streetwear, Fashion, Music and fragrances


Chill, humble and passionate. These are 3 attitudes that describes his personality. He is a gentle giant with a heart of gold in our crew. Joe started roughing out his cuts from the streets of his homeground in Commonwealth since he was in his growing years. Armed with only his clippers and his homeboys, he built Queenswealth Barbershop that specializes in clean and dope fades. An otakuhead, he likes to dive into the world of anime. A note of warning, he tends to spit out spoilers when conversing with him about Anime. Get a cut from him, and you will head back home with a neat fade and a mind filled with anime gossips.

Started : 2019
Past shop :
Queenswealth Barbershop
Interest :
Music, Skating, Anime


An introvert only when you first know him. After a few awkward turtle moments with him, you will soon find out how delightful and humorous this homeboy is. He is selfless and affectionate towards all his clients. He found his passion for creating contemporary fades straight out of his hood. His current aim is to learn the ways and skills of providing haircuts to tresses of women(& maybe woo them too). Set up a cut with this guy and enjoy the tranquility or create innovative jokes with him to get the ball rolling.

Started : 2016
Past Shop : 
Bipolar Barbershop & Limpeh Barbershop
Speciality : 
Hair Tattoos, Fades(burst & drop fade)
Interest : 
Music,Photography and Photo Editing


A fun, loving and compassionate individual, his cuts are always precise and clean. He started out with a career on film production before transiting to the life of a barber. His knowledge regarding world issues is deep and erudite, so he can converse with anyone with a wide range of topics. His philosophy transcends beyond the facade of providing his clients with a well-groomed fade. He will ensure that you are imbibed with profound information and a smile by the time you are done with the cut. As one of the pioneers of Bodeiga, he has committed himself in ensuring that Bodeiga grows to be what it has become today.

Started : 2015
Speciality :
Textured Haircuts
Interest : Music, Fashion, Video Editing, Football and Cooking
Past Shop:
Deepcuts Barbershop, Bipolar Barbershop & Limpeh Barbershop


Adventure, growth and innovation. The principles of life that Syahmi swears by. Before he delve into the barber’s industry, he was working as a camp instructor, a barista and a diver. Diving into the heart of mother nature and exploring picturesque scenes are in his blood. His thirst for knowledge, dedication and hard work has groomed him to be an outstanding barber. A pioneer of Bodeiga, he guides Bodeiga to new heights.

Started : 2017
Past Shop: Bipolar Barbershop
& Studious Barbershop

Speciality : Fades, Beard Trims
& Hot Towel Shaves
Interest : Diving, Coffee and Travel

taufiq Yusof

Choosing to dwell into the barbering industry after abandoning the plan to be a full-time fireman in 2016, Taufiq met Amy in 2015 in Deepcuts and Syahmi at 2017 at Bipolar Barbershop. Having to share an interest with a long time childhood friend. With his exciting life stories and him being a creative and content creator, Taufiq is the water in Bodeiga as he feeds on the drive and passion of his partners to fit and put it out into the real world.

Started : 2015
Speciality :
Textured Haircuts
Interest : Reading, Music, Football,
Design and Fashion
Past Shop :
Deepcuts Barbershop,
Bipolar Barbershop & Studious Barbershop