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One Piece TCG championship event


On July 16, our team debuted for the One Piece TCG Championship 3v3 event in Singapore. There are a total of 124 teams that participated from all over South East Asia. Before their debut, they have persistently learning more about the game strategies and deck builds. They had friendly battles as well in the shop so that they can understand the mechanics better.

During the matches, they fought with experienced players and persevered all the way throughout their 8 rounds. In the end, they ended the championship at the top 49! Kudos to the team! In the future, they will be joining flagship battles to get more experience before their 3v3 championship which will be held in October! Look out for our posts and stories on Instagram and this websites for more updates about their journey towards being a pirate king!

Phase Movement 01

Phase Movement 01

As you may know, Bodeiga launched Phase in the month of February. A brand that supports the rehabilitation and the reintegration of ex inmates, better known as PIE(Person with Incarceration Experience). The steps we took were, 1)to hire a PIE under the Employment...

Business for Good

Business for Good

Welcome to Bodeiga, the barbershop that goes beyond haircuts. With our Barbering for Good initiative, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. We firmly believe that every individual, no matter the circumstances or environment that they are born...

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Naluri’s Live Music

In 2019, Bodeiga is involved with the first event of Naluri. Naluri is a kolektif that aims to bring in and feature musical talents of the malay/bahasa language from the SEA region