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Phase Movement 01

As you may know, Bodeiga launched Phase in the month of February. A brand that supports the rehabilitation and the reintegration of ex inmates, better known as PIE(Person with Incarceration Experience). The steps we took were, 1)to hire a PIE under the Employment Preparation Scheme under Changi Prison. 2)To set up a clothing brand to finance the employment and social and community events for this project 3)To organise one event that revolves around giving back to the community. For this first event, we chose to give back the the group of people who’s involved in the growth of modern and metropolitan Singapore, The Migrant Workers. We started the event with haircuts for the migrant workers. We then proceed with team building games organised by Xscap8 for our barbers, the PIEs and the migrant workers. We ended of everything with an iftar(breakfast) session for everyone.
Here are some photos of the event! Follow our social project instagram @phasebybodeiga and give your support by purchasing the tees designed by PIEs.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our partners @xscap8 and @theeleafco for the food sponsor! To more events and to a better the community, one haircut at a time!

Business for Good

Business for Good

Welcome to Bodeiga, the barbershop that goes beyond haircuts. With our Barbering for Good initiative, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. We firmly believe that every individual, no matter the circumstances or environment that they are born...

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Naluri’s Live Music

In 2019, Bodeiga is involved with the first event of Naluri. Naluri is a kolektif that aims to bring in and feature musical talents of the malay/bahasa language from the SEA region