Bodeiga will be hiring a PIE (Person with Incarceration Experience) through the Employment Preparation Scheme(EmPS), a community-based program that allows PIEs to serve the end of their sentence in the community. PIE will then be attached to a an employee of the Bodeiga Barbershop to form a mentor mantee relationship. For a holistic approach, Bodeiga will also keep a close relation with the next of kin of the PIE. This will ensure, PIE, his/her family members(support system) and Bodeiga, as an employer, are on the same page on the steps of achieving the goals the PIE. Phase will also be supporting Andyn Kadir’s Climbing for Good, a campaign that champions the integration of PIEs back to society.

Climbing for Good
Andyn Kadir
Founder of Strength Avenue

As a young man, Andyn was involved in gang-related activities was incarcerated in Changi Prison. After his release, he worked various odd jobs, then landed himself in the fitness industry. From there, he climbed his way up until he saved enough to build a diverse client base. With that, he started his own gym with capable gym instructors in 2016.

Today, his gym has grown into a exercising space built on a solid community. He is also mentor to four other coaches, providing them with a safe space to train their clients, as well as opportunities for them to earn a comfortable income to support their families.

In his free time, he contributes back to the society that has given him a second chance, and he aspires to help our campaign with gusto to provide them a helping hand with the hopes of assisting them as they climb towards a brighter future.

About Climbing For Good

“Climb for Good” (#C4G) is Andyn’s 3-year fundraiser project for two main beneficiaries:

HCSA Community Services, in particular the HCSA Highpoint Halfway House, which provides a safe and substance-free residential shelter for homeless male ex-offenders, newly-released prisoners and those in recovery from addiction.

Muslim Counselling Services, which serves the Malay Muslim community, especially for those who have been wayward in parts of their life, through guidance towards integration into the larger society.

To raise funds, Andyn will be planning a series of climbs in the Himalayan range, ending with a summit attempt of Mt Everest itself in 2025, the year that Singapore turns 60.

Why are we raising funds?

More often than not, one of the the reason for a relapse and reoffend for a PIE is due to stress. The main reason for the stress is mainly due to financial circumstances. As the initial progression of a barber is a slow process, PIE will not be employed as a barber. Instead,  PIE would run the basic daily routines of the barbershop, secretarial roles and oversee the retail logistics of T Shirt sales. The monthly salary of the PIE will be from the sales of pre order T Shirts and fund raising

The campaign will be divided into phases:

Fundraising for the Phase campaign through the sale of T-shirts. The T-shirts, featuring a design in collaboration with former PIE, Andyn Kadir, and Bodeiga Barbershop, can be pre-ordered for $25 each on Launch Good.

The conclusion of the Launch Good fundraising campaign and unveiling of the final T-shirt design to the general public. Pre-order of T-shirts at $35 each.

If you would like to contribute but do not wish to purchase a T-shirt, any monetary contribution, regardless of the amount, will be greatly appreciated.

How Phase started started?

In September 2022, Bodeiga Barbershop was engaged by Yellow Ribbon SG to conduct a Basic Barbering Technique Workshop in the housing units of Selarang Prison and Changi Prison Complex in Singapore. As the contract comes to an end in 2023, Bodeiga Barbershop seeks to continue its efforts to aid the reintegration of PIEs into society. To that end, it has created PHASE, a program aimed at helping PIEs become positive contributing members to society.