PHASE is a programme by Bodeiga Barbershop where we hire an Person with Incarceration Experience (PIE), who has recently been released from Changi Prison Singapore on a Community Based Programme(CBP).

We believe in 2nd chances. We are not perfect. Each of us has made a mistake at least once in our life.We want to show the world that these PIEs have the potential to contribute to our society in their own individual way. We want the public to know that without the support from the public, they do not have the chance to show what they are capable of. For our debut, we will be employing a PIE under the Employment Preparation Scheme(EmPS).

Bodeiga aims to incorporate our values of business, principles and views to the PIE. We hope that through our efforts, the PIE will be able to reintegrate to society seamlessly without any scorn, embarassment or feelings of anxiety. In addition, Bodeiga will assist him in adapting to life as a civilian and to ingrain our core values of CREATE, CONNECT and COMMUNITY in the hopes that the PIE can be a positive contributing citizen.

In the future, we hope to expand and help more PIEs through various support channels. We hope that through this programme, more companies will recognise their potential. Ultimately, we hope that the people shall dismiss the stigma of PIEs and treat them with mutual respect. In the end, when we help someone, we help everyone.


PHASE will also be supporting “Climb for Good” (#C4G), a campaign by Andyn Kadir. #C4G is a 3-year fundraiser project for two main beneficiaries:

HCSA Community Services, in particular the HCSA Highpoint Halfway House, which provides a safe and substance-free residential shelter for homeless male ex-offenders, newly-released prisoners and those in recovery from addiction.

Muslim Counselling Services, which serves the Malay Muslim community, especially for those who have been wayward in parts of their life, through guidance towards integration into the larger society.

To raise funds, Andyn Kadir will be planning a series of climbs in the Himalayan range, ending with a summit attempt of Mt Everest itself in 2025, the year that Singapore turns 60.

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PHASE will be solely funded from the sales of T-shirts and crowdfunding campaign.