Bodeiga Care Project Hills

Bodeiga will be collaborating with Project Hills and we are looking to raise $10,000 to give free haircuts to 400 young boys within Project Hill’s rental estates over a period of 3 months. The aim is not just to give the kids the experience of a gentleman’s haircut and good grooming, but also, the chance to explore alternative paths.

The barbers will not just be cutting hair; we will be mentors and providing advice and motivation to the kids, all within the relaxed environment of our barbershop. Through your kindness and support, we hope to give this opportunity to the kids, chances for them to have experiences they would otherwise have no access to.

Bodeiga Care

Bodeiga Care is the name of our community involvement passion project where we would once in a while utilise our platform and our team for a better good. From running campaigns to giving haircuts to organising fundraising events.

Bodeiga Care '20

The first campaign of Bodeiga Care was launched in April 2020 after essential businesses were allowed to resume as a form of appreciation for the Frontline and Healthcare workers. It is a digital gift card for the Frontline and Healthcare workers.

Our goal was to hit 100 beneficiaries. We managed to achieve 70% of our goal.