aka Jo

Started: Feb 2018
Past shop: Queenswealth
Interest: Music, Skating, Anime

It all started when a group of friends asked Jo if he wanted to learn how to do barbering. That’s where Jo met Taufiq, and the journey begins. In that 2 and a half months of learning, he met Amy and Syahmi along the way. Apart from being a great mentor, there were other things that Taufiq taught Jo. That is, giving back to society. And from there, Jo met Khalis too. Thus Jo abandoned his fulltime job as a Store Manager in retail and begin the journey with his group of friends in starting up their own barbershop from scratch. Cutting hair in Jo’s house or his lift lobby until they managed to open their own shop. The rest was history. Then, Jo joined Bodeiga. Like a gust of wind, he brought even more laughter to the place where there’s already enough crazy.

Started: 2009
Past Shop: Deep Cuts, Bipolar, Studious
interest: reading, football, design and fashion.

Choosing to dwell into the barbering industry after abandoning the plan to be a full-time fireman in 2016, Taufiq met Amy in 2015 in Deepcuts and Syahmi at 2017 at Bipolar Barbershop. Having to share an interest with a long time childhood friend. With his exciting life stories and him being a creative and content creator, Taufiq is the water in Bodeiga as he feeds on the drive and passion of his partners to fit and put it out into the real world.

aka Amy

Started :
Past Shop: Deepcuts Barbershop, Bipolar Barbershop & Limpeh Barbershop
Speciality: Textured Haircuts
Interest: Music, Fashion, Video Editing, Football and Cooking

With the background of Film Production, Amyrul loves to tell stories. Only when he started barbering, he picked up on the art of listening. Being aware of day to day conversations in the barbershop, he became invested and engages each client purposefully. From sharing joyous and painful stories of life, he sees barbering as something beyond the facade of men leaving the shop well-groomed. In the concept of the classical element, Amyrul is the earth of Bodeiga.

Started: 2017
Past Shop: Bipolar Barbershop & Studious Barbershop
Speciality: Fades, Beard Trims and Hot Towel Shaves
Interest: Diving, Coffee and Travels

Motivated by adrenaline, Syahmi’s motto of life is adventure and growth. He was once a camp instructor, barista and a diver. Discovering new places and uncharted waters are things he will explore when life turns monotonous. Even though he may have picked up barbering later than the rest, his curiosity, dedication and hard work have made him on par with the experienced barbers of Singapore. Syahmi is the fire in Bodeiga.

aka Khalis Thursday

Started: Feb 2016
Past Shop: Bipolar Barbershop, Limpeh Barbershop
Speciality: Hair Tattoos,
Fades(burst fade, drop fade)
Interest: Music, Photography and Photo Editing

The man of few words but loads of love and passion for his art. Finding his passion for haircuts, he intends to pursue further into learning the ways of handling and trimming women’s tresses. On his free time away from work, he loves playing music and also roaming around Singapore capturing moments and places where others usually glanced upon. He may be quiet during haircuts, but if you get the ball rolling, he is a delightful person to talk to..