Bodeiga is derived from the word /Bodega/, a Spanish term commonly used by East Coast New Yorkers when calling a convenience corner store. Adapting the idea of a Bodega and having an abundance of things under one roof, Bodeiga Barbershop aims to bring the barbering industry and the community to new heights with the services that they offer.

Founded by 3 experienced barbers in 2018 with common interests in barbering, life and business. In 2019, Bodeiga grew with an additional member who specialise in marketing.

Bodeiga have collaborated with several organisations to bring about various events such as Airbnb, Muslim Youth Forum & Beyond Social Services. Bodeiga was also featured in renowned websites such as Halalzilla & The Everday people. One of the founders, Taufiq Yusof, was also featured on 2019 #inspirasisg campaign, bringing the brand name closer to the founders’ dream of Bodeiga being known for its creative and off-beat concept that revolves around its pillars. Connect,  Create & Community.