Bodeiga is derived from /La Bodega/, a Spanish term commonly used by East Coast New Yorkers when referencing a convenience corner store. Inspired by the notably amiable and warm services of a bodega, Bodeiga wishes to be the go-to groomers for its community with exceptional customer service and warm ambience being the heart of the business.

Founded by 3 experienced barbers in 2018 with a combined XX years of barbering under their belt, barbering is still the primary business of Bodeiga, as an homage to the expertise of barbering.

With the help of a marketing enthusiast, Bodeiga collaborated with several organisations to bring about various events such as…. Bodeiga was also featured in renowned websites such as Halalzilla & The Everday people.. One of the founders, Taufiq Yusof, was also featured on 2019#insprasisg campaign, bringing the brand name closer to the founders’ dream of Bodeiga being known for it’s creative and off-beat concept and being more than just a barbershop.