Bodeiga is derived from ‘Bodega’ meaning convenient corner store, mainly found on the east coast of New York, a word that came from the Spanish word for “grocery store” – la bodega. Inspired by the convenient store concept, Bodeiga aims to be a creative lifestyle hub.

As a stepping stone to the industry, the founders choose to barber as Bodeiga’s primary business. Focusing on friendly ambience, exceptional service and its strive to be one of the leading barbers in Singapore. Bodeiga was founded by 3 aspiring barbers in 2018 and joined by a marketing enthusiast a few months after.

Not long after it’s opening, Bodeiga collaborated with different organisations to bring about various events inside and outside of Bodeiga. Bodeiga was also featured in renowned websites such as Halalzilla & The Everday people. One of our founder, Taufiq Yusof, was also featured on 2019 #insprasisg campaign.