Riding high with his psychedelic rock band Sigmun, vocalist-guitarist Haikal Azizi began performing in the past few years under the moniker of Bin Idris, playing a gentler, somber sort of music with his most recent solo album “Anjing Tua” released in 2018.

Combining elements of traditional singer-songwriter music with hints of a modern ambience, the Bandung-bred musician’s introspective lyrics has legion of fans clamouring for his music in Indonesia and abroad.

Bin Idris will headline Naluri’s first edition of live showcases on 23rd on February at Bodeiga Barbershop together with local acts, Syed Hafiz of local emo band Tapestry and Suhaili of experimental juggernauts, The Psalms.


Naluri, a malay word which is best described by Cambridge Dictionary as “a natural tendency to behave or react in a particular way, without thinking and without having been taught”, was founded by two friends Adam Kosnan and Muzainah.

When asked about the story behind the name, Adam, who have been a great follower of the South East Asian and local music scene said that “I’ve always relied on my instinct especially when curating showcases such as these. Granted, the acts that are usually called to perform are not exactly well-known but we hope that with small shows like this, people will realise that talent does exist outside the bubble of their own echo chamber. We believe talent should be celebrated in any scale possible and with an emphasis on artists who performs in the Malay/Bahasa language, we hope that people will be inspired and to follow their “naluri” in breaking out of their shell to perform to a wider audience”.

Entry goes for $10 at the door, limited space available hence come early! Event starts at 7:30PM

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